Founded by Dr. Zhao Zhongjie, "MAO-SHIH GLOBAL Co.LTD." has more than 20 outstanding talents in the international cross-strait social entrepreneurship school with more than 20 years of international exchange experience with the two sides of the Taiwan Straits. The vows seek the greatest happiness and benefits for the elders on both sides of the strait.


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Service planning that meets the needs of the company

The company provides the latest international concepts and technologies. Based on the traditional culture and regional characteristics of the Chinese nation, the company is comprehensively designed to accommodate the living in the elderly. It is designed and supervised with integrity, rigor and precision. It has been deep for several years. With the trust of all walks of life, the business has flourished and developed, and it has surpassed the international standard.

Rich long-term 2.0 planning and management experience

Looking into the 21st century, the post-war baby boomers have been dying, and the young people’s fertility will be low, causing serious population aging problems. Therefore, the company will pay the utmost effort to join hands with the cross-strait production, official and academic units. Create a health home that is best for the elderly, so that they can support their days.

C1 complete education and training program

Mao Shi International cultivates social elites with international competitiveness, and promises a beautiful future for children. From the beginning of education, they will take root and cultivate the international society outlook of the new generation. This year, Mao Shi International will cooperate with the most famous Morrison American School, Shanghai Wellington College and Czech Boarding School to provide a complete international teaching environment for children.

Perfect long-term system architecture

MAO-SHIH GLOBAL Co., Ltd. has a modern customer service system that provides the most ideal long-lighting system platform with advanced technology of automation, efficiency and low cost.

The most efficient long-term workflow design

Plan and integrate operational procedures and design efficient service processes, and assist in the evaluation of quantitative indicators such as long-serving services, quality control, audits, etc., to help enterprises build high-efficiency management mechanisms.