Founded by Dr. Zhao Zhongjie, "MAO-SHIH GLOBAL Co.LTD." has more than 20 outstanding talents in the international cross-strait social entrepreneurship school with more than 20 years of international exchange experience with the two sides of the Taiwan Straits. The vows seek the greatest happiness and benefits for the elders on both sides of the strait.


With the latest international trends and technologies, combined with the traditional culture and regional characteristics of the Chinese nation, we design high-end self-cultivation houses, and engage in design supervision with integrity, rigorous and precise style.


With the trend of aging and declining population in the world, the company combines cross-strait production, official and academic circles, and is committed to building high-end health homes to provide a high-quality living environment for Laozhongqing.

Organization Chart


Jack Chao

Chao Chung-Chieh, PhD

General Manager of High-End Technology Department

Joe Wang


General manager special assistance

Ben Lee

Deputy Manager of High-End Technology Department

Edward Lin


Medical department

Fiona Lu

Legal department

Carol Su

Finance Department Cashier and Administrative Planning

Amber Su

Information Department

Candice Chen

Finance Minister

Jiaying Lin